Pillsbury Is Releasing A Funfetti Brownie Mix With Large Chunks Of Oreo Pieces And I Can’t Wait To Try It

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If there’s any type of cookie that goes well with anything and everything, Oreos are the cream that rises to the top.

They are a satisfying, fulfilling and chocolatey cookie that makes the perfect crunchy topping to any dessert, the best partner for fried batter, but what’s really the icing on top of the cake is the most recent and genius recipe coming straight from Pillsbury’s kitchen.

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Introducing Pillsbury’s newest recipe, Funfetti brownie mix with Oreo cookie pieces!


Pillsbury’s newest creation with chunks of Oreo pieces is a dream come true for anyone who loves chocolate and has a major sweet tooth.

This recipe calls for brushing your teeth twice because from what it looks like, this premium brownie mix includes a chocolate brownie mix with a bonus of largely sliced chunks of chocolate Oreo pieces!

So basically you’re getting double the chocolate, all thanks to Oreo of course.

However, this masterpiece is currently not on the market yet but it will be soon, so hold back those tears! Let’s just hope Pillsbury’s Funfetti brownie mix with Oreo pieces will be welcomed come the new year, very soon.

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