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This Woman Used Pickle Jars To Make Her Own ‘Pioneer Woman’ Containers and It Is Genius

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I am all for nice, pretty decorations but it’s no secret they are often expensive (especially when you just have to own the entire set).


Take The Pioneer Woman for example, Walmart has just about everything you need to transform your kitchen but it comes with a price.


Well, one woman decided to take her home decor into her own hands by upcycling pickle jars to make Pioneer Woman dupes and it is pure GENIUS!

Brandi Barger posted on Facebook saying:

“So i know all you have heard of “Pioneer Woman” kitchen stuff………I want to introduce “Poor Woman” repurposed pickle jar lolololololololol”

She literally took a giant empty jar of pickles and turned them into masterpieces…

Brandi Barger

The detail in the hand-painted flowers is beautiful so no wonder her post has gone viral and been shared over 223,000 times!!

Plus, it probably only cost her a few bucks and her time to make these!

In fact, people are even asking her to make some for them to buy. Isn’t that awesome?!

I am no artist so I could never do this but my husband is an incredible artist so I think I may just have him make me some.

Of course, once we eat all the pickles. We are about to have pickles for dayyyysss!

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