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Everyone Is In Love With This Cocker Spaniel Who Looks Just Like A Disney Princess

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I am a huge animal lover, especially when it comes to dogs! I love nearly every dog I meet!

winnie_thecocker – Instagram

When I saw this precious face, I instantly fell in love! I mean look at her!

Those eyes!

winnie_thecocker – Instagram

She looks just like a Disney Princess and it has gained her a lot of attention with her images going viral!


Her social media following is pretty impressive too!

winnie_thecocker – Instagram

This adorable dog is named Winnie and she is a Cocker Spaniel!

She has the biggest eyes and everyone on the internet says she reminds them of a Disney Princess!

winnie_thecocker – Instagram

Winnie has been on social media pretty much since the day she was born, well actually before… she has an ultrasound image up!

Her humans have been documenting her life as she grows.

winnie_thecocker – Instagram

Her Instagram account is full of adorable shots of the cute dog. She’s still just a puppy!

winnie_thecocker – Instagram

To me, I think she looks like a real-life “Lady” from ‘Lady and the Tramp’! Maybe she can score a live-action role? Someone contact Disney!

winnie_thecocker – Instagram

Winnie lives in the UK, but you can follow her social media to keep up with her and her adventures.

winnie_thecocker – Instagram

Her Instagram is ‘The Life Of Winnie‘, go give her a follow to bring some extra cuteness to your days!

winnie_thecocker – Instagram

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