You Can Get An Elf On The Shelf Kit With Everything You Need To Move Your Elf For An Entire Month

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I’ll be honest, if it weren’t for my husband, I’d forget to move the dang elf every single night.

The hard part is, coming up with new/creative ideas every year for our elf.

While this year I fully intend to do this elf isolation house, I still have about 10 days I have to come up with something awesome for our elf.

That is where this Elf on The Shelf Kit comes in handy!


The Elf Kit has everything you need to ensure you have fun, creative ideas to make your elf move every single night of December.


According to the description, the kit includes:

  • Personalized “Hello! & Goodbye!” letters from your elf
  • 28 days of individually packaged props for various elf scenes, like “Elf decorates a Christmas tree, Elf & friends play ‘Pin the Nose on Rudolph’, Elf roasts marshmallows, and Elf take a bubble bath”
  • A printed list of instructions for setting up your elf scenes, including pictures
  • A printed calendar for planning (if you so choose)

All you need to do is have your Elf arrive from the North Pole and complete these ideas every night up to Christmas day when the Elf goes back to the North Pole.


I think this idea is genius and keeps us parents from going crazy trying to figure out what to do with the elf in the middle of the night!


You can get an Elf Kit from the etsy shop LittleLakesShop. It will cost you $95.00 with free shipping but as easy as this makes your life, I would pay double that!!


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