People Swear This ‘Honion Pot’ Helps With Cough And Congestion. Here’s How To Make It.

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It seems like everyone has the sniffles and sneezes right now, and I’m not immune. *Sneeze*

The flu and RSV are running rampant across the country, and we are all trying our best to avoid the sick bugs.

We drink the Medicine Ball Tea off the Starbucks secret menu, and we pop the Vitamin C and Echinacea like it’s candy.


Some people are swearing that Onion Water helps with all that congestion and sinus pressure, and I’m willing to try anything at this point.

Bring on that disgusting water.

There’s another natural aid for sinus congestion and that pesky cough that’s floating around TikTok, and it also involves the onion.

So, you’re going to want to make what is known as a Hunion Pot.

Excuse me, what?

I said Hunion Pot.

This Hunion Pot is being credited to Poshmomma, but just about everyone in my TikTok feed is trying it.

What is the Hunion Pot for?

When you let it marinate and meld together in the fridge, it makes a syrup that you can drink.

People are pretty serious when they say it helps soothe their raw throats, and I’ve got to try it.

How do you make a Hunion Pot?

Get a yellow onion, and cut it in half — right down the middle.

Make sure you peel off that outer onion paper, and cut off the end.

Dig a sort of shallow hole out of the top of the onion — maybe about half an inch deep or so.

Now, put that onion half into a clean bowl. Make sure the part you made the hole out of is facing up.

Get some RAW and UNFILTERED honey, and squirt it liberally down into the hole you made in the onion.

You want it to fill the hole, and maybe go over just a teensy bit.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and put it in the fridge.

As the onion sits with the honey, it will form a sort of onion syrup at the bottom of the bowl.

This is the syrup you can drink.

Now, this IS NOT going to cure your cold. That’s not what it’s for.

But, it might make your throat feel just a little less scratchy — kinda like that Medicine Ball Tea from Starbucks.

You can keep the onion in the fridge for like 3 to 5 days. Then it will get kinda mushy and limp.

When that happens, just make yourself another Honion Pot!

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