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You Can Get Shiitake Mushroom Candy Canes And I Honestly Don’t Know Why

If I made you a list of foods that I wouldn’t eat, this one would be at the top. But, I know some of you absolutely love mushrooms, so maybe you might want to try a Shiitake Mushroom Candy Cane.

Even if the thought of this completely disgusts you, it would make a hilarious gag gift! Pair it up with some of the other outrageous candy cane flavors like Macaroni and Cheese, Ketchup, or even Pizza!

The Shiitake Mushroom Candy Canes are quite odd, even more so than the others that we’ve written about. The description simply reads:

They’re sprouting up all over the place. How do they taste? Like shiitake. After all, we know Santa is a fungi with mushroom in his heart for holiday spirit, so obviously he gives a shiitake about Christmas!

Amazon Product Description

You get 6 of the fungus flavored candy canes in a pack. Plenty to share with your… um… “friends”.

They measure 5 1/4 inches tall and have brown and white stripes. They also come shrink-wrapped like traditional candy canes.

Some families play games with these funky flavored candy canes. Forewarning, you may want to have a bucket nearby in case it goes like it did for the family below.

You can get the Shiitake Mushroom Candy Canes on Amazon! Seriously, this is a perfect white elephant gift!