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Pizza Candy Canes Exist And I Actually Want To Try Them

I know, I know… first I share Macaroni and Cheese Candy Canes, now here I am talking about Pizza Candy Canes. What is wrong with me?


Honestly, I just like fun stuff and this is definitely fun! I’m always looking for something unique to gift to my kids even as a joke, like the yodeling pickle.

Archie McPhee never disappoints when it comes to gag gifts and novelties. These pizza flavored candy canes are said to be sweet like a candy cane with the flavor of pepperoni.

I absolutely love pizza! Honestly, I would 100% give the pizza-flavored candy canes a try, I think that makes me weird… but whatevs…


I ordered these for a gift for my teenage nephews. Big hit! I always try to find something a little … Out There! Packaged sufficiently to survive shipping

Rachelle Coleman – Amazon Reviewer

This set of six candy canes is like a little slice of Italian-spiced heaven, cooked in a candy-fired oven by Sicilian elves. Each candy cane is 5-1/4″ (13.3 cm) tall with red and yellow stripes. Illustrated box. Shrink-wrapped.

Amazon Product Description

You can get 6 of these very uniquely flavored pizza candy canes on Amazon. Seriously, what a fun gift for the person that loves pizza!

Some families even buy them and make a game out of it! That sounds like so much fun!