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Hey Teachers! Just Let Kids Go To The Bathroom!

As a former kindergarten teacher, I know what I am about to say is going to upset quite a few teachers, but I don’t care. I am saying it anyway.


I don’t care if little Jimmy has been nine times in the last hour. If he says he needs to use the restroom, it’s none of your business if he does or not.

Little Jimmy should be completely responsible for his body and deciding when and how he needs to use the facilities.

I don’t care if little Suzie goes to the bathroom and never uses it. Maybe she sings and sings and sings. Maybe she goes in there and unrolls all the toilet paper. It’s still up to HER when she needs to use the bathroom.


I understand what a crazy pain in the butt it is to deal with kids having to use the restroom in the middle of a lesson.

ESPECIALLY when you just let them have a planned restroom break and it took half an hour to get every kid through the bathroom.

But that STILL doesn’t mean you have the right to tell a kid they don’t need to go to the restroom. In fact, it’s NOBODY’S business but theirs, their parents, and maybe their doctor if there’s some sort of issue.

For some reason, teachers and people in authority have taken it upon themselves to govern bathroom breaks. To tell children when they need to use the restroom.

And I am over it. I understand that it can interrupt a teacher’s day. I understand that it can make instruction difficult.

But when you have teachers forcing kids to pee in trash cans in front of the whole class, then this has gone too far.

So the next time a kid asks you if they can go to the bathroom just say yes. Better yet, tell them they don’t have to ask. Tell them that they are free to go any time they need to.

Let them make this decision about their body for themselves. They have so many decisions they need to make in life.

This one should be a no brainer.

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