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This Beach Has Sand That Is Shaped Like Tiny Stars And Now I Want To Visit

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If you plan on visiting the beach this summer, you might want to consider adding Okinawa, Japan to your bucket list once it’s deemed safe to travel again.

Courtesy of François Xavier Soyris

If you’ve ever visited a beach in New Jersey or Delaware, you’re familiar with the ocean smell and on a good day, the sand is somewhat soft with only half of the millions of seashells that usually tend to prick your foot once you jump into the ocean.

There’s currently a beach down in Okinawa, Japan that will tickle your curiosity as their sand is made up of tiny sand “stars”.

Courtesy of François Xavier Soyris

That’s right, if you take a closer look at the sand down in Okinawa, Japan preferably with a magnifying glass, you’ll notice that each “grain of sand” are made up of pretty little stars.

Courtesy of François Xavier Soyris

To get into the specifics of things, these tiny stars are actually exoskeletons of marine protozoa which have lived on the ocean floor 550 million years ago.

The protozoa is a mineral shell that can take on many forms depending on the species, including a star! Hence, their neat shape!

Courtesy of François Xavier Soyris

So the next time you visit the beaches in Okinawa, Japan I have your checklist ready for you.

  • sunglasses – check!
  • towel – check!
  • beach bag – check!
  • sunscreen – check!
  • magnifying glass – triple check!

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