People are dropping their Phones for this ‘Stranger Things’ Meme

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You know how you go searching the internet for something and one thing leads to another and you end up far from where you were originally going?

Yup, that’s what happened here.

I just so happened to have landed on a Stranger Things Challenge where People are dropping their phones for this ‘Stranger Things’ meme.

Let’s just hope they have insurance on their devices!

People are Dropping Their Phones for this ‘Stranger Things’ Meme

Fans have been so excited about the announcement of the Stranger Things Season 3 release that they are one again participating in a Stranger Things challenge that originally surfaced earlier last year.

The challenge includes fans recording clips in which they drop their smartphones in slow motion while facing a mirror and then edit the video with a backwards version of another slow-mo phone drop.

Once the video is replayed, it makes it look like their world is turning upside just like in the Upside down from the show.

Check out some of the clips below.

Also, anyone else get anxiety thinking someone is going to break their phone?!

Oh wait, something did go terribly wrong in this one…

I mean, WTH was that?!


In case you want to get in on this viral trend, I’d make sure you have your phone protected and you have a good insurance plan!

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