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Mac & Cheese Flavored Candy Canes Exist Because Why Not?

All I can do is laugh at this point!

I do think these are the perfect gag gifts though! They actually sell Mac & Cheese flavored Candy Canes. Would you try them?


I think if someone offered me one I would taste it just so I could know, but I wouldn’t expect that I would like it. But who knows?

Archie McPhee

You can get Candy Canes in pretty much any flavor you want these days, in fact not too long ago we told you about Ketchup Candy Canes and even Coal Candy Canes.

Personally, I’m a fan of the traditional Candy Cane which is peppermint. But some people like other flavors like fruity or sour candy canes.

However, there are some way out there flavors that make me ask “why?“. But at the same time, I would totally give it a try.

I have one kid that absolutely loves Macaroni and Cheese and this is something that I would totally buy her just for fun.

A little goofiness under the Christmas tree this year for sure! I love the bright yellow with white stripes!


Of course, these crazy flavors are sold by Archie McPhee. They’re pretty well known for some of the odd flavors they produce.

They are a Seattle based novelty shop and they have many treats and gag gifts which are so much fun!

These Mac and Cheese Candy Canes would be super fun to include in a gift box as a taste of home, especially considering that Mac & Cheese is a home-cooked favorite comfort food to many of us.

I’ll have to skip out on the clam flavored one though, ugh I can not even imagine how awful that must be.

You can purchase the Mac and Cheese flavored Candy Canes on Amazon right now!

This will be a gift that people will talk about, some may be good words and some may be bad words though, I think it’s worth the risk!