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Netflix’s Newest Horror Series Is Basically Supernatural and X Files Combined and I’m Obsessed

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There is a terrifying new TV show that has dropped on Netflix, and I’m too scared to watch it alone.

That doesn’t mean I am not obsessed. On the contrary, it’s one of those things that I just can’t stop watching — but all the lights have to be on, and someone has to be in the house with me!!


I’ll tell you what it’s about in just a minute —

I don’t do well with spooky and horror — but make those things supernatural in nature, and I’m out. I am one of those people that fully believes in ghosts, demons, and everything in the supernatural world.

I lived in a haunted house — but that’s a story for another time.

Y’all, this EVIL series — it has a home on CBS, BTW — is just plain addictive. It’s one of those shows you watch through your fingers as you cover your face. LOL!

EVIL is about a Catholic priest assessor, who is working with a forensic psychologist (Kristen) to try to find out if there are certain stories, cases, and unexplained phenomenon that are legit supernatural, or if they are just plain bunk.


People are saying it is a cross between Supernatural and X Files — but I think EVIL is more scary.

I mean, demons show up in Kristen’s bedroom. Freaky!!

You can catch all of Season 1 of EVIL on Netflix, and trust, you will want to binge watch it — with someone in the room with you.


Watch a trailer for the show EVIL below. Do yourself a favor, watch it with the lights ON.

If you are looking for ANOTHER binge-worthy show, you might want to go ahead and check out Emily in Paris. It is NOT scary — HA! — it is just a guilty pleasure!


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