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‘Emily In Paris’ Is The Most Watched Show On Netflix And With Good Reason

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So, have you heard of this new show on Netflix called Emily in Paris? OMG, it’s so good! If you haven’t seen it, put it on your list of things to watch.

Courtesy of Netflix on YouTube

It is a Netflix original, and I’ll be honest, I was not excited at first about watching it. I thought it was going to be another rehash of a teen show about angst and hormones, but I was oh-so-wrong.


Emily in Paris is a show from the creator of Sex and the City and Younger, both of which I thought were pretty good, but THIS show is a breath of fresh air! I feel like I’m living a bit vicariously through Emily.


This show stars Lily Collins (Fun Fact: she’s the daughter of the singer, Phil Collins), and it’s about a woman from Chicago, who lucks into a position with a marketing firm in Paris. She is there to give an American perspective to a very french firm.

Courtesy of Netflix on YouTube

Things appear to be looking up for Emily — though she doesn’t speak the language, has no friends, and lives on the fifth floor of a walkup where the water doesn’t always work. Then things start to go downhill really fast. But, what goes down, must eventually come back up. I totally feel the rollercoaster that is Emily’s life!


There are currently 10 episodes that have dropped on the Netflix streaming service, which, if you are following along, seems to be the norm season for a Netflix Original show.


Each episode clocks in at under 40 minutes, so it is soooo easy to binge watch in one sitting if you aren’t careful. Ha! I totally wasn’t careful.


See a trailer for Emily in Paris below.

After you are done binge watching Emily in Paris, you should totally check out Enola Holmes! It is the perfect quirky movie about the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes.

Courtesy of Netflix

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