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‘Enola Holmes’ Is The Most Watched Movie On Netflix Right Now and With Good Reason

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If you do anything today, let it be watching Enola Holmes on Netflix.

Seriously, once you are done reading this, hop off, take a lazy day and watch Enola Holmes.

Enola Holmes is the new Netflix movie that is based around the sister (Enola) of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes (which by the way is played by Henry Cavill).

Enola is played by Millie Bobby Brown which you may know as Eleven from Stranger Things.

In the show, Enola is raised to be a fierce woman and breaks away from the traditional roles of society. She follows in her brother’s footsteps as she tries to find her own path in life.

Honestly, this movie has it all – action, adventure and a strong woman presence.

I also love that the show “breaks the fourth wall” which means Enola constantly talks to the camera, engaging with the audience.

I have to say, I LOVED Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven but I love her even more as Enola. I seriously want more of her in this role (crossing fingers for sequels).

It is so good, it is actually the most-watched show on Netflix right now!! I can totally see why.

If you haven’t seen it, you need to. Better yet, watch it with your daughters. It has a great message and is everything I want my daughter to be.

You can watch the trailer below.

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