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You Can Get A Yodeling Pickle For The Most Annoying and Hilarious Way To Entertain Yourself

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You know… I don’t even know hahaha! But this is a Yodeling Pickle! When I first saw it I was like what the heck? Why? But then I started reading the reviews and realized there doesn’t need to be a reason, it’s just freaking funny!


This is an electronic yodelling pickle. You’ve always dreamed of this right? Of course you haven’t, but now that you know it exists, you have to be at least a little curious right?

B & J – Amazon Reviewer

He’s no average yodeler. He’s ‘the’ yodeler, the teacher of all yodelers. He’s the yodel master. And, he is my best friend. I’m beyond fortunate to have met him. I now share my home with him. You can only hope that your yodeling pickle is half as good as mine. And if not, I’m not sharing – he’s mine, all mine. Hear that? So, how did my yodeling pickle and I meet? My sister gave him to me for my 23 birthday. Yeah, that’s right. I’m 23 – shut your mouth if you thought I was 24. I was so excited, I started crying, but the streams flowing down my cheeks were tears of joy. You know what my pickle did for me next? You’ll never believe it. He serenaded me with a yodel birthday song – Yodel – Aey – Eee Ooooooo. The way those five syllables rolled off his tiny pickle tongue was pure bliss to my ears. It was divine. The voice of my yodeling pickle is sweet as honey. The following day, we went out to dinner to celebrate our one day anniversary. He didn’t order food; he wasn’t hungry. But he was there for me. He listened to every word, never interrupting, soaking in what I had to say into his pickle body. And then, when I had no more words, he sang for me. Over and over again – he sang a sweet yodel sounding like the angels in heaven were calling down upon us. Anytime I started to feel sad and lonely; he picked me up with another Yodel – Aey – Eee Ooooooo from his little pickle mouth. I love him so much. I have found my true love. The waiter was so impressed with my pickle’s yodeling, he got my food out quickly and didn’t even make us pay! The other diners were fighting over who could grab him and steal him from me, but the restaurant manager had security escort us out so that we could both safely return home. Everybody loves my yodeling pickle! I am truly blessed to have my yodeling pickle in my life. Thank you….oh….thank you so much.

B & J – Amazon Reviewer

The Yodelling Pickle is a 5-1/4″ (13.3 cm) long plastic pickle. It actually yodels when you push the button. It comes ready to use with batteries included.


This is the perfect thing to randomly send one of your friends in the mail. Imagine the laughter and the pure confusion about receiving a yodelling pickle in the mail!

It is also quite entertaining so if you are like, bored right now, it might just be for you!


You can purchase your own Yodeling Pickle on Amazon for only $11.61! I feel like I just need to gift this to some people that need a laugh!


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