Chili’s Original Chicken Crispers Are Gone and It Feels Like A Bad Breakup

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You guys… I cannot. Why? Just why?

I don’t get why companies decide to pull fan favorite items off their menus. I will NEVER understand it.


And the latest culprit? Chili’s… yep, they have pulled their original chicken crispers off the menu.

Honestly, it just feels like a bad breakup. Like WTF? That was sudden and without notice!


And if you were one of the many that LOVED these chicken crispers.. and I am talking about the real OG crispers, you are not going to be happy if you’re just now finding out…


Sure, they do have the Honey Chipotle chicken crispers and those are good too, but they are NOT the same.


Chili’s recently posted a TikTok confirming the news and people are NOT happy.

People are commenting saying:

Yeah, people don’t want to go there anymore.

Not cool Chili’s, not cool!

You can check out the Chili’s TikTok video below.

@chilisofficial It’s been a rough few weeks😮‍💨 #chilis #chilislove ♬ original sound – Lauryn Emily

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