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You Can Get A Monopoly Game That Allows You To Play As A Crazy Cat Lady and Collect Cats Instead of Money

Do you know a crazy cat lady? Or maybe a crazy cat man?

Well, I just found the PERFECT gift idea – This Crazy For Cats Monopoly Game!

The best part is, you can play as a crazy cat lady and collect ALL the cats you want!!

This game is quite different from the traditional Monopoly you are used to because instead of houses, you collect cats.

Oh, and when you pass go, you trigger a Cat Fight! Get a shot at fighting shady breeders to rescue the cats. The game ends when the final Cat Fight is over. The player with the highest score wins!

The Monopoly Crazy for Cats board game is for cat lovers and those who know them! In this Monopoly game with a twist, players collect cats, buy cat properties, and win Cat Fights

Forget the cash in this Monopoly game. Instead, cats are currency. Scoop ’em up or give ’em up throughout the game. Purr Power die gives players a special boost to their turn.

This game sounds HILARIOUS and perfect for the cat person in your life.

You can get the Monopoly Crazy For Cats Board Game at Walmart for $19.88. It is a Walmart exclusive so you won’t find it anywhere else.