Here’s How to Take The Coronavirus Pantry And Freezer Challenge

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Here is how you can make use out of the contents of your pantry in the case of the Coronavirus Quarantine. It has been dubbed the Coronavirus Pantry And Freezer Challenge.

With grocery store shelves tending to look a bit bare lately, we should all be prepared to make use of the contents of our pantry and freezer in case we have to self-quarantine.

Not only will this lessen your risk of exposure by venturing to the grocery store, but it will also help you weed through some items that have been sitting in your pantry for a while.

First comes first, you need to pull everything out of your pantry and freezer to make an inventory.

After you pull everything out, get yourself a pen and piece of paper.

Write down the items you have and start a running tally of the quantity of each item.

Do this for the contents of your fridge, freezer, pantry, and deep freeze if you have one. Be sure to toss anything expired or rotten while taking inventory.

Take note of perishable items and plan to incorporate those into some of the first meals you make.

How you plan to use your ingredients will really depend on what you and your family like to eat. Kids can be picky, but most recipes can be tweaked for even the pickiest of eaters.

For most meals, you are going to want to aim to have one protein, one starch and some kind of vegetables or fruit depending on what meal it is.

An example would be for breakfast you can do oatmeal with a serving of peanut butter and throw in a handful of frozen fruit from the freezer!

The grocery stores are running low on most pre-made items, however, most still have things like flour and sugar in stock!

So you are able to pick up the ingredients to make your own bread and maybe some cookies (this helps keep the kiddos entertained too).

Pantry soup is a super versatile meal you can make using only what you have on hand and it’s comfort food to the max!

You just need 1/2 pound of meat and this can be canned chicken, fresh chicken, ground beef, or even sausage cut into pieces.

If the meat isn’t pre-cooked, cook it thoroughly in a large pot. Add the following to the pot you cooked the meat in: 2 cups of the broth of your choice (vegetable, beef, chicken), 1 can of whatever beans you have, 1 can of soup (tomato, vegetable, etc), 1 can of tomatoes or tomato soup, 1 cup uncooked pasta and any other cans you would like to add such as canned potatoes or even veggies.

Bring this to a boil and cook until the noodles are tender!

Pantry soup would be amazing with freshly baked bread or even some cornbread if you happen to have a box of jiffy cornbread mix!

Most of us have allot hidden in our pantry and freezers, that we aren’t even aware of unless we pull it all out!

Dry beans and canned ham can be used to make a hearty crockpot meal, canned tuna and boxed mac and cheese can make a tasty casserole!

There are tons of possibilities if you use a bit of creativity!

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