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Texas Roadhouse Just Released Candles That Smell Exactly Like Their Famous Dinner Rolls and Butter 

Texas Roadhouse is more than just a steak house with tender meat and creamy mashed potatoes because apparently, the dinner spot is also into candle making. 

Courtesy of @larissablatham

And if you’ve ever dinned at a Texas Roadhouse chain before, you’ll know that your first served with their iconic dinner rolls on the house before you even get your drinks! 

Always served with a side of Honey Cinnamon Butter, Texas Roadhouse’s candle collection embodies the exact spread that melts gloriously on every warm, baked bun. 

Courtesy of @texasroadhouse

Dubbed the Honey Cinnamon Butter candle, the famous dinner place has created a candle that smells exactly like the iconic dairy spread that’s served with every basket of buns. 

Courtesy of @snackolator

And it smells so much like the popular butter that you might even crave a real side of Texas Roadhouse buns for dinner and we wouldn’t blame you! 

Courtesy of @texasroadhouse

Now you know how to get your hands on Texas Roadhouse’s baked buns simply by sitting down for dinner, but how can you snag the two-wicked candle you might ask? 

Courtesy of @texasroadhouse

You can grab your very own Honey Cinnamon Butter candle by visiting the link here from Texas Roadhouse to pre-order but, the restaurant has limited purchasing to three candles per order.

Courtesy of @lhexecs

On the bright side, you can have as many sides of the Honey Cinnamon Butter as you please when dining in because no one likes dry bread.

Courtesy of @blue_pearl_s2000