This Is How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ends

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Spoiler alert – this will be full of spoilers regarding the ending of Game of Thrones so if you haven’t seen it, click away.

Okay, so if you’re still reading this, it’s all fair Game. Although, the ending was anything but fair…

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After 8 years, 8 seasons and 73 episodes, Game of Thrones has officially come to an end.

Whether you watched the ending and want to relive it again or you are boycotting the ending but just want to know how it ends, here is how Game of Thrones ends…

The beginning of the episode starts by highlighting and following Tyrion through the rumble, ash and bodies of the burned city to where we think he’s heading to see Daenerys but instead, he goes to see if his brother and sister made it out alive.

What he finds is their dead bodies burned under the rubble. So, we have verification that Jaime and Cersei are dead.

After that, we see Daenerys rallying up her army and proclaiming her plans to liberate the rest of the people in 7 Kingdoms and we see Tyrion give his disapproval and admit to freeing Jaime.

That is where it all goes down…

When Jon Snow goes to visit Tyrion, is when Tyrion convinces Jon to do the right thing by killing Daenerys.

And in the next scene, Jon does after realizing if he doesn’t, Daenerys will go onto killing innocent people including his own sisters.

Jon kisses Daenerys and stabs her in the heart and once Drogon realizes it, he burns the thrown to the ground.

While Drogon could have killed Jon right there, he doesn’t and instead takes Daenerys body and flies away with it never to be seen again.

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Jon then gets held as a prisoner while Bran gets named King of the 6 Kingdoms (because Sansa gets to be Queen of the North after asking to remain an independent kingdom).

Tyrion is sentenced to becoming the hand of the King (Bran) even though he almost begs to not be named the hand. It’s better than death, right?

Instead of Jon being sentenced to die, he gets banned forever to be on the Night’s Watch on the Wall which is exactly where he began.

So, in the end, Daenerys dies at the hands of Jon. Jon is sent to the Night’s Watch, Arya is off on adventure to find what more there is in the world. Bran is King of the 6 Kingdoms while Sansa is Queen of the North.

Drogon is alive but his whereabouts are unknown oh and of course, Ghost is alive and well and is by Jon’s side.

This is just the summed up version of how Game of Thrones ended but if you want to immerse yourself in the entire glory, you’ll need to watch it.

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