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Bath & Body Works is Having a Massive Sale On Saturday (Bigger Than Candle Day)

Y’all! Sit down and listen closely. This is NOT a drill.

On Saturday, December 14, Bath & Body Works locations and their online store will be offering all body care products — those are things like cleansers, lotions, aroma therapy, and fragrances — for $4.95 a piece! That’s over 600 items that will be on sale for $4.95 a pop.

Via Bath & Body Works

Let me say that again. Bath & Body Works retail locations — INCLUDING their ONLINE STORE — will have most everything in their body care line available for $4.95 on Saturday!

GAH! *Girl Scream* This is HUGE!!!

This deal is arguably better than their Candle Day Sale, where all three-wick candles were $9 each!

Some locations are extending their hours to open their doors at 7am, to allow extra time to shop this AMAZING sale! Check with your local Bath & Body Works location to see when they open.

This totally answers the question, “What the HECK am I going to get my mom?!?” — which I’ve been asking myself daily since November.

Just go ahead and take all my money now, Bath & Body Works!

Sources say that this is going to be a new yearly sale — And I couldn’t be happier! This is REALLY going to up my gift-giving game each year!

Via Bath & Body Works

Check out Bath & Body Work’s Winter Scents HERE!

Cynthia Newton

Friday 13th of December 2019

Does this Saturday sale include men’s products?