The Most Stuf Oreos Are Back and I Am Stocking Up

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OMG! Did you try these the first time they were around? So. Much. Creme. Filling!!

Oreos first released these Most Stuf Oreos last year, and they TRULY are the Most Stuf! These amazon-like Oreos are GIANT.

You might need to sit down for this — they are coming back!! Of course, it’s for a limited time — like all the good stuf — but many sources say these Most Stuf Oreos will be gracing grocery store shelves in early 2020.

That being said, @junkpickers on Instagram already spotted these INSANELY good cookies at a Wawa convenience store. They were only in packs of four, but that’s a good start! At least we know it’s really happening — The Most Stuf Oreo is coming back.

These Oreos DO contain an INSANE amount of creme filling. Like, they are bordering on too much filling.

Now, don’t get crazy! I said they are bordering on too much filling. I could still sit and chow down on these bad boys during a Holiday movie or two!

I might have to have my husband hide the bag from me for awhile. Like, physically get them out of my site for a bit. They are THAT good.

Definitely be looking for these Oreos to hit shelves soon. I got so excited yesterday when I thought I had found them at Walmart. Alas, I had simply picked up a bag of MEGA Stuffed Oreos. *Sad Face*

Oh no, don’t worry. I still bought the bag of Mega Stuffed Oreos. I simply WISHED they were the Most Stuf variety.

I don’t have the wish for them very long, though! They will actually be here before you know it!

If you REALLY think you need them NOW, there is one seller on Amazon who has a bag to sell — for $270. I love a good Oreo, but I think I’ll wait for them to drop at Walmart.

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  1. I’ve always loved Oreos. I’ve dunked them in coffee and milk , chocolate milk lol. I love the Mega stuffed♥️❤️

  2. I am in heaven, you can never have too much cream

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