Here’s How You Can Take A Photo of Santa In Your House

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Kids are getting smarter y’all. They are starting to put things together and ask all sorts of questions.

Recently, my 5-year-old decided to tell me that he plans to catch Santa on our Ring camera and I tried to tell him I think he could disable it with his magic. *sigh*


But now, I just learned there is a better way to save our butts from all the questions – Here’s How You Can Fake A Photo of Santa In Your House and Get Your Kids to Believe He’s Real HA.

Okay, so you just download this app and then snap a picture of your Christmas tree or fireplace, choose the Santa you want to use (there are several options and different poses, etc.) and BAM you have evidence to show your kids.


Just don’t let you kids that can read find this app because it will ruin all the fun for the younger kids.

But seriously, this app is brilliant and just saved my booty.


The app is available for android, iOS and there is even a web/computer version. It does cost money but it’s like $2 for one photo so can you really go wrong? I think not.

All you need to do is download the app called ‘Capture The Magic’. It should be called Fake the Magic but ya know, capture will do too. HA.


If you have cameras and your kids are determined to catch Santa, this is a way to get them off your backs and from snooping around the house.

You’re welcome!


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