You Can Get a Rosè Drink Enhancer That Makes Your Water Taste Like Wine

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Calling all wine lovers! You can now get a Rosè Wine flavored water enhancer!!


Ever wish that you could drink wine all day, without the judgemental looks from your co-workers?

Well, now you can!

Luckily Walmart has us covered when that afternoon Rosè craving hits!

Great Value has a Rosè Wine flavored water enhancer and I can’t wait to stock up on it!

Let’s be honest with ourselves, most of us aren’t drinking nearly as much water as we should be. But this Rosè Wine water enhancer is here to save the day!

Instead of drinking boring ole’ water in your cubicle, you can imagine that you are at home sipping a glass of Rosè.

Sadly not many people have found this product on store shelves and it isn’t on the Walmart website as of yet.

But I am assuming that it will retail for the same price as their other water enhancers, which range between about $2-$3 depending on size and flavor.

I don’t know about y’all, but I will be checking my local Walmart often while I anxiously await its arrival!

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