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White Castle!

Well, since the days of Paul Revere, and Fighting for my right to Par-TAY, I have always wanted to eat at White Castle… but since I live in Texas, and don’t travel up North much…


I have never really had the chance. I ended up going to Ohio to visit the in-laws family this weekend… and guess what… there is a White Castle within walking distance of my hotel…. sooooo…. I decided to become an honorary Beastie Boy and eat some of those timy burgers! Hmmm….. they weren’t the best thing I have ever eaten, but they were pretty tasty! I was amazed at how busy the place was! haha I guess a lot of people like tiny hamburgers (or they all wanted to be honorary beastie boys too…. the world may never know…)


I can cross “eating a White Castle hamburger” off my list of things to do before I die!

Now, if I could only get some Brass Monkey…..


Saturday 16th of September 2006

One lonely Beastie I be...

heeheehee - What a special moment. ;)