These Bikers Escort Kids to Court To Confront Their Abusers Without Fear

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A lot of people often think “Sons of Anarchy” when they think of Bikers. That isn’t reality though. See, I grew up with biker parents. We even owned a custom bike shop.

My parents often had parties with all of their biker friends. But guess what? It was family-friendly. I was surrounded by leather-wearing, heavily tattooed bikers and I loved them.

Sure, there are some that are not so good, just like in every lifestyle. But the majority ARE good people. Just look at all of the amazing toy runs and fundraisers they do.


Meet the Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), started in 1995 by a child play therapist.

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Kids are so innocent, and it’s a shame that people take that away from them. Our goal is to bring that child to not be afraid in the world in which they live. We bring our whole family together and we welcome them into our family.

“Hammer” President of BACA, Fox Valley Chapter

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We actually give the kid their own little cut with their road name like we have, and on the back is a patch. Inside, we all sign it so that they know that we have their back at all times. We visit them regularly, we escort them to court and we actually have a couple events throughout the year that they can attend and meet other kids like them as well.

“Coach” member of Bikers Against Child Abuse, Fox Valley Chapter
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Their intention is not to scare or intimidate the abuser, but to give the kids confidence and support. They are currently in 17 countries and have over 300 chapters.


They do not allow just anyone to join them. They want to make sure that the people involved are actually able to help, and not do more damage to these already fragile children.


Each child is assigned a few members known as primaries. These members are available to the children 24/7! Whenever they are needed!

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The group will actually escort the kids and family to the courthouse. They surround the kids and walk them in and help them to not feel intimidated. They feel safe.


It’s a great feeling, I mean, knowing that I’ve helped a lot of these kids get through what they’ve gone through. I mean our goal is to empower them, so they don’t need us, so they can move on and live their life to their full potential.

“Hammer” President of BACA, Fox Valley Chapter

You HAVE to watch this video below to truly see them in action and also hear from children that they have helped. Now I want to join them!

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