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This Teacher Let A Student Skip a Test to Take a Nap in Class And We Need More Teachers Like Him

I have a lot of feelings about school. Most of them haven’t been good. But, to see this teacher take into consideration that students have a life outside of school blew my mind!

Brandon Holeman / TikTok

Brandon Holeman is a teacher in Henderson, Kentucky. He has been teaching 8th-grade science there for 2 years.

Brandon had made a TikTok account after one of his students challenged him. He quickly gained a lot of followers. Why didn’t I have a funny teacher like this?


Challenge accepted. Don’t let me down TikTok ##fyp ##fypage ##teacher ##school ##challenge

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Then one day he decided to share a moment from his class. A moment that would make others think about a student’s life beyond school.

Teachers are professionals and we have to teach our content, and do it well. However, when an opportunity presents itself to make a difference in a student’s life, we have to take it. We may never know what the little things really mean to a student in the span of their life

Brandon Holeman

When I think of an amazing teacher that cares for his students, I will always remember watching this TikTok video of Brandon. This is a teacher that will positively impact his students.

Teaching is my job and profession, but investing in students is my calling.

Brandon Holeman

I actually teared up watching the TikTok Brandon posted. One of his students had lost his grandfather the day before, but he still showed up to school.

Brandon noticed that his student was not himself and another student told him why.

They had a huge test scheduled for the day and Brandon knows that there are things more important than tests. Life. Life is important.

He recognized that this student needed some extra support and a break and he gave it to him. We need more teachers like Brandon!

You can watch the TikTok below.


This is for all the teachers and students out there. Life can hit hard, and we all need some grace. ##teacher ##middleschool ##fyp ##foryou ##studyhacks

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