You Can Grow Your Own Tiny Colorful Cactus Garden And I Need This In My Life

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Growing up in Southern California, EVERYONE had succulents and cacti growing naturally around their yards.

Of course, people would put them in planters, too. But, seeing gorgeous cactus and succulent plants always reminds me of being a kid, swimming in the summer sun, and not having a care in the world.

Enaturallife on Etsy

Enaturallife, on Etsy, is selling packs of 50+ cactus seeds (Cactaceae Mix), and I am totally getting them. My kids are old enough now, where they won’t grab the cute fuzzy cactus, because they want to pet its fur. Yes, I did that when I was little. Don’t judge. It was traumatic. I don’t recommend it!


These are heirloom cactus seeds, and there are over 100 different varieties that can sprout from those 50+ seeds that you plant. Most of them are flowering cacti, and the blooms are perennials. For those that don’t actively speak “Plant,” that means they will bloom for more than one year.


Mixed cactus seeds. Cactaceae mix from several cactus varieties. A very diverse assortment of cacti seeds including: Cereus cactus, Golden Barrel cactus, Parodia, Hedgehogs cactus, Mammillarias, Melocactus cactus, Notocactus, Opuntias, Organ pipe cactus, Ferocactus, Gymnocalycium, Trichocereus, Saguaro and more.


Cacti plants are very undemanding perennials.
It’s recommended to start this Cactus seed mix indoors using soil that is fast-draining and formulated for Cacti. Moisten the soil well and fill pots. Gently press the Cactus seeds into the soil, but do not cover them. Cover the pots with plastic to hold in the moisture. Place the pots in a sunny window sill as Cacti seed needs light to germinate.


The Enaturallife site, on Etsy, gets a 5 out of 5 star rating, with total sales over 7K! The reviews are EXCELLENT, so you know you are getting quality product and services.

Seeds sprouted within a week of planting!
Cannot wait to see what they grow in to.

Elle on Etsy Reviews

Five star product and five star service, HIGHLY recommended. Leonard

Leonard Wells on Etsy Reviews

So many seeds germinated and in a very short time! Really happy with this purchase 🙂

Josee Friel on Etsy Reviews

You can get your own heirloom cactus seeds from the Enaturallife shop on Etsy. They only cost $2.89 for a pack of over 50 seeds!


Get to growing those cacti, and I better see pictures!!


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