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This Guy Made The Great Deku Tree From Legend Of Zelda, Using A 3D Pen!

The Legend of Zelda used to be the coolest thing ever. And then 3D printing came along and blew it right out of the water. 3D printing really IS the coolest thing ever. And the fact that we can do it in our homes? How is that even possible!? I mean, people are 3D printing everything. I saw a guy who is 3D printing wheelchairs for legless animals. And using recycled plastic bottles to do it. *POOF* Mind. Blown. But this? Okay, yeah, it’s no wheelchairs, but it brings The Legend of Zelda back to the forefront of cool and kicks it up a notch. This guy used a 3D pen to draw The Great Deku Tree from The Legend of Zelda. And it is fascinating. I could not look away. Take a look!

Seriously, I had no idea what he was making when he first started. I hadn’t seen the title of the video and it looked like some spiderweb thingie and then sort of a tree, but sort of who-knows-what and then to watch it turn into this? I’m blown away. I absolutely want one of these pens for my own house now. Maybe I’ll make a tree, maybe I’ll make wheelchairs, maybe I’ll blow everyone away with something completely unexpected. Who knows! The options are endless!

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