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Apparently Thor Has A Roommate…And They’re Having Adjustment Issues

So I don’t know if you ever knew this, but Thor had a roommate. Yeah. During Captain America 3 Thor decided to take a vacation and moved in with a guy in Australia named Darryl. Take a look!

Well, it’s been a while now and apparently living with a God isn’t as easy as we’d all think…Between trying to pay for things with Asgardian money, and not having a working understanding of what brains actually are, Darryl has his hands full:

I can’t stop laughing. I don’t know if anyone is planning on making this a thing…like a long running thing…but I’m down. I’d watch every single Thor and Darryl episode that ever came out, ever. It’d be like The Odd Couple or Perfect Strangers, only with better hair. Make this happen, Hollywood! I’m ready and waiting!

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