Macaulay Culkin Just Turned 40 and That Totally Makes Me Feel Old

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How is Macaulay Culkin 40? I feel like it’s a big ol’ 2020 prank! Am I on an episode of Punk’d?

Turns out, it’s true – Macaulay Culkin celebrated his 40th birthday today and don’t worry, he totally knows how that makes us all feel…


He took to Twitter to remind everyone of his age and to recognize that he fully knows how we feel about it…

Why yes, yes we do feel old.

Heck, I am 10 years young than him and I still feel old. I mean, I remember watching the Home Alone shows as a kid and I’ve had my kids watch them. Yeah, I feel OLD.


Side note: He was 10 years old when his hit film Home Alone was released and I think it’s safe to say, we all still see him as that kid!

So many people began responding he tweeted again saying:

Thanks dude, as IF 2020 hasn’t been bad enough…

In all seriousness though, Happy Birthday Macaulay. I hope 40 treats you well!

By the way, did you know that he is dating Brenda Song from the Disney Channel? Um yeah and they are totally trying to start a family!!


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