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Macaulay Culkin And Brenda Song Are Trying To Start A Family And I Didn’t Even Know They Were Dating

Macaulay Culkin — you know —

And Brenda Song — you know her from The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody on the Disney Channel. She had a recurring role in New Girl as Winston’s girlfriend. She also was in a few episodes of Dads, Doll Face and Station 19.

These two — Macaulay and Brenda — are planning on having kids. WHAT?!? I didn’t even know they were dating!

Hold on. I need a minute to recover from this revelation.

Want to hear something that will blow your mind just a little bit more?

Macaulay was dating Mila Kunis (Yes, THAT Mila Kunis) for EIGHT years before they broke it off.

And, Brenda was MARRIED to Miley Cyrus’ brother — Trace — from 2010 – 2013.

What the what?!? Where have I been?

ANYHOOSIES — Brenda and Macaulay reportedly have been trying “a lot” to have a baby.

As far as we know, they aren’t married, though neither one admits or denies it.

They, obviously, keep their relationship on the hush-hush, but Culkin did refer to Brenda as “my lady” in an Esquire interview.

So, to sum it all up, here is what we know: Brenda and Macaulay are dating. They have a bunch of animals. They are trying to make a baby.

I need to sit down while I digest this information.