John Cena Just Walked Out on Stage Naked At The Oscars

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Um, if you aren’t watching The Oscars you should be…

John Cena just walked out naked on stage at The Oscars and I am surprised anyone could see him… (hopefully you got that joke)

Jimmy Kimmel was talking about a previous Oscars show where a streaker came out onto stage during an award announcement.

That’s when he repeated himself and tried to get John Cena to come out naked.

At first, you think he’s just shirtless but then as he makes his way onto the stage, you realize, he’s fully naked.

He just has a tiny award envelope covering his manhood.

Y’all what?! He looks INCREDIBLE and honestly, I just love John Cena, he is so funny!

Of course, nothing actually showed and he was able to present the award after Jimmy gave him a curtain like coverup.

But dang this will go down in history as a moment to remember…

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