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Mandy Moore Just Announced She Is Pregnant With Her First Child and I’m So Excited For Her

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I ADORE Mandy Moore. I’ve loved her ever since I saw her act in A Walk to Remember.

And now, I love watching her on This Is Us. She plays a great mom and maybe, just maybe playing a mom on screen will come in handy because she just announced she is expecting!!


Side note: This is Us Season 5 is releasing earlier.

Anyways, Mandy Moore made the announcement on Instagram saying:

“Baby Boy Goldsmith coming early 2021”


OMG! Did you catch that? Not only did she just announce she’s expecting, but she announced she is expecting a BOY!

Awwww I am so happy for her and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith.


I have to say, she looks tiny to be pregnant and far enough along to know she’s expecting a baby boy.

She looks nothing like she did in This Is Us!


I really am so happy for her and I bet she will be an amazing mom!!


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