These New Dessert Cups Are Stuffed With Your Favorite Candies So That Sweet Tooth Will Always Be Satisfied

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When we look forward to dessert, we expect, or at least I expect, something on the lines of extravagant because I have a sweet tooth or maybe two sweet teeth I have to please.

Courtesy of Kraft Heinz

The new collider dessert cups are any Hershey’s candy enthusiasts dream and here’s why.


Not only is it a blessing that Kraft Heinz is dabbling in the dessert field, but they’ve also created dessert cups inspired by some of Hershey’s candy and it looks phenomenal.


There are 3 new combinations and we’ll begin with the twisted flavors to start!

The “twisted” flavor dessert cups include a vanilla base dessert that’s topped with candy pieces such as Reese’s, Kit Kat, and Heath.


The “chopped” combination includes Reese’s, Hershey’s Chocolate, and Hershey’s S’mores that are turned into a creamy dessert and topped with chocolate pieces.

Finally, the “layered” dessert cups combine Reese’s, York, and Rolo that are also turned into a creamy dessert with layers of a smooth, rich and chocolate topping.


All 3 combinations come in packs with two single-serve cups for $2.99. You can find these beauties in the refrigerated section at a variety of retailer stores starting January of next year, according to a PR rep who confirmed to Best Products.


Now that’s a dessert I want every night. When the dessert cups finally release, I’ll just have to buy in bulk so I don’t run out.


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