Pfizer Just Submitted Data To The FDA For The Covid Vaccine In Kids Ages 5-11

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It seems like parents of younger kids have been waiting forever for this moment…

New just broke that Pfizer Just Submitted Data To The FDA To Get Approval For The Covid Vaccine In Kids Ages 5-11.

This is a huge step in trying to get kids across the nation vaccinated against COVID-19.

 Pfizer announced this morning, September 28th, that it’s submitted the initial data to the FDA from the trial in its COVID-19 vaccine in kids ages 5 to 11.

It’s important to note that this is not the same as seeking an emergency use authorization.

The data was submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration for initial review, but Pfizer is not yet seeking emergency use authorization.

A formal submission to request EUA for the vaccine is expected to follow in the coming weeks, the companies said in a statement.

So, basically, the USDA is just looking at the data from Pfizer which is really an overview of the trials of the vaccine in kids 5-11.

If that all looks good, it can then move forward with submitting an EUA and if approved then, it would be available for kids ages 5-11 years old.

According to reports, that means we could see a vaccine available for this age group around Halloween time.

You can read more about the Pfizer data submitted here.

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