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You Can Put Magical Reindeer Food On Your Lawn To Help Guide Santa To Your Home On Christmas Eve

Santa has a lot on his plate and that’s why he has Rudolph guiding his slay and hundreds of elves making toys around the clock 365 days of the year.

As a matter of fact, Santa can use all the help he can get and that’s why it is so important to sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn on Christmas Eve night.

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Santa is left with milk and cookies to scarf down after he delivers presents but let’s keep in mind that Blitzen, Clyde, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner, Prancer, Rudolph, and Vixen deserve food too!

In order to feed Santa’s reindeer, you’ll need more than one bag of reindeer food to feed all 8 reindeer, which is usually made up of oats and glitter, give or take a few magical ingredients.

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Reindeer food is like a GPS for Santa. When the reindeer food shines bright under the stars, it helps guide Santa and his reindeer to your home.

Courtesy of Amazon

Plus, it’s a healthy and hearty snack for the reindeer to chomp on!

Parents, let your kids sprinkle this reindeer mixture out on the lawn at night and by morning, the food will be gone!

You can currently find Reindeer food on Amazon for just about $13 or you can make it yourself by using 3 main ingredients including whole grain oats, glitter and MORE glitter!

It’s an easy craft for the kids and a fun way to get them excited for Santa’s arrival!

Courtesy of Amazon

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