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Aldi Is Selling $5 Desk Blotter Sets and I Need One

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Aldi! You can simply do no wrong! You are hitting it out of the park with your Aldi Finds.

Look what I found right on the Aldi Finds aisle for — wait for it — 5 bucks!!

It says this is a Desk Blotter and Note Pad Set — but it is so much more than that!!

This set has a desk blotter — which is just a fancy schmancy way to say a pad that protects the desk — a big notepad, an area of random thoughts, a to-do list, a list of “absolute musts,” little notepads, and a daily calendar across the bottom.

There is so much here for 5 bucks!! I had to grab this set up when I saw it.


At first, I was like, “why do I need another calendar at my house?” BUT, it’s so much more. It’s a way for the family to stay connected and on one page.


Guess where you can find this? YUP. The Aldi Finds aisle. In my store, it was in the front section, by the planners — and cacti?


There were several different styles, from lemons, to pretty pink florals, to this almost monochrome desk blotter set.


Y’all. I only share things I think you will love, and this is definitely one of those things! You can even split this up between people. Like, I gave my notepad to my mom, but kept the rest for my personal use.


And, when I say I am going to use it for my personal use — I mean I’m going to use it for the kids school work (because you KNOW I’m keeping them home this year), my work, and a little bit of personal stuff thrown in for fun.


These desk blotter sets were going FAST, so get yourself to Aldi before they are gone!

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