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Starbucks Is Expecting Some Delays On Their Winter Launch Next Week. Here’s What We Know.

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Well, I saw this one coming. Warehouses have gotten so far behind due to Covid that I never expect anything on time at this point.

The after-Christmas Starbucks launch is set to release on January 4th, but we already have word that it may not quite be happening.

Thanks to this leaked picture meant for barista’s eyes, we have a lot of information on what to expect and I’m here to break it down.


I’ll start with the obvious: expect delays on the January 4th launch. Some stores may have the items on the release day, while others may have it trickling in throughout the week.


You can always ask your store for updates on their shipment, but please remember that the baristas have no control over this and to be kind.


This also means that the markdowns of the Christmas products may be delayed as well, as some stores may struggle to keep products on their shelf. So if you’re still eyeing any leftover Christmas products, you may have to wait on a cheaper price.


And finally, as I’ve posted before, Toffee Nut, Raspberry, and Cinnamon Dolce are set to make a return on January 4th as well, but because of shipment delays, we may be waiting on that as well.


Essentially, don’t get your hopes up. Check your store for updates but don’t get rude about it and understand it will eventually happen!


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