Looks Like We’ve Now Reached The Frozen Food Phase of Panic Buying

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Visiting the grocery store is not as painful as it used to be I must admit.

I want to take a minute to take thank all essential employees for working during the virus and making grocery shopping available for everyone and as safe as possible.

Food has been re-stocked and household items such as paper towels, napkins and disinfectants are slowly coming back as well.

With that being said, there’s one section of food that’s recently been in high demand and that is, frozen food.

More specifically, over the past few weeks according to Nielsen Data, frozen foods have skyrocketed in numbers compared to year-over-year sales. A 40.2 percent increase in frozen food sales and 15.5 billion dollars have been spent in frozen food aisles.

Given that many individuals are reaching for comfort food, this reason alone could be one of the causes that have driven up sales in frozen foods, according to MSN. My personal favorite, are the chicken dumplings from P.F. Changs.

Another reason why sales have dramatically increased is because frozen foods have a longer life span, making it easier to stock up on food according to MSN, and easier to cook dinner at night!

The Washington Post even stated, that frozen foods have shown an astronomical increase from the possibility of people snacking more often than they used too while stuck at home.

I can personally relate to this, as even I have felt the tendency to walk into my kitchen more often than I should to see what’s in the fridge.

In fact, I have a hankering to cook dumplings for dinner tonight and now I know why so many of my favorite frozen foods have been disappearing from shelves.

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