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A Flamingo At The Zoo Had To Be Put Down After A Child Threw A Rock At It

A flamingo at Miler Park Zoo in Illinois was euthanized after a child threw a rock into the flamingo exhibit and broke the flamingo’s leg.

“Unfortunately, staff determined the best course of action given the animal’s injuries was to euthanize the bird. This was a truly unfortunate accident, and we are working with the juvenile’s family to move forward,”  said Miller Park Zoo Superintendent Jay Tetzloff in a statement to The Pantagraph newspaper.

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And now it’s minus one flamingo. 🙁


Sunday 20th of June 2021

the parents should be held responsible for their child’s action.


Monday 10th of June 2019

That so sad ?


Sunday 7th of July 2019

People need to control their kids. If they had been taught not to hurt any living thing, this would not have happened.