People Are Saying Shania Twain Looks Like The Wendy’s Girl

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Tonight is The 65th Annual Grammy Awards and as you know, there are tons of celebrities that present awards.

Just moments ago, Shania Twain took the stage to present the award for Best Country Album and honestly, I didn’t even recognize her.

I think she look way different and a lot of others felt the same…

Kimberly Ann Parker

One thing people are talking about all over social media is that her red wig makes her look like the Wendy’s Girl. Yes, the Wendy’s Fast-Food icon.

People weren’t digging her new look


Others compared her to Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek.


While I don’t think this is her best look, I’m more concerned at how different she looks and even sounds.

She stumbled her words trying to talk and she just didn’t sound nor look the same.

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