People Are Licking Toilet Seats as part of a New TikTok Challenge

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Just when you think you’ve heard it all…something like this pops up.

I am literally sitting here shaking my head in disgust. What is wrong with these people?

This is completely over the top on the grossness chart and sadly these are the times we live in. Did you know that public restrooms are filled with nasty things… of course you do!

Things like E. coli, hepatitis A virus, streptococcus, staph, shigella bacteria, the common cold virus, and even STDs. While it’s not common to catch these from a toilet seat, normal people are not LICKING the toilets! But then you have this person…


TikTok content creator of this ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ is named Ava Louise. Other TikTok creators are also participating and I can not even wrap my head around it.

Y’all, she LICKED a toilet seat on an airplane to become viral. I’m sure she will be viral with viruses. I can see why she has already been a guest of Dr. Phil in the past.

They are saying she made like $4,000 from this act of stupidity. Please for the love of life, don’t do this!

She says that she disinfected the toilet seat before her stunt with Clorox, but still… REALLY?

A public toilet?

Shoot, even your toilet at home. NO! Just don’t. I don’t care how much bleach you use. It is a TOILET. Why?


Just no… don’t do this. This is just one of many TikTok challenges that cross the line.

Like the TikTok Skull Breaker Challenge. Stop it! Or the TikTok Outlet Challenge that is causing fires!

The only challenges that should be done are ones of decency. Like the Gloria Gaynor TikTok Challenge. A fun little TikTok video showing handwashing.


Please, let’s practice using our brains for a bit. We need it now more than ever! I’m all about using humor as a tool for coping. But there is a line. Use common sense and don’t do stupid things!

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