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GameStop Is Closing Over 1,000 Stores By March And I’m Not Happy About It

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I felt it coming. I just knew the pandemic was going to claim another beloved chain.

GameStop is closing over 1,000 stores by March, and video game junkies everywhere just let out a collective, “NO!!!!!”


They are known as the largest video game retailer in the world, and everyone I know has spent at least part of a paycheck getting video games — either for themselves or for someone they love — at a GameStop location.


Over the past 2 years, the video game giant has had to close over 780 locations. I know from devistating experience, as they closed the closest store to where I live. Booo!


They were already in a bit of trouble with debt, but with the coronavirus hitting, things just started to spiral in a downward direction.

Now, however, with this new plan in place, things will hopefully start to turn around.

We anticipate, for the first time in many quarters, that the fourth quarter will include positive year-on-year sales growth and profitability, reflecting the introduction of new gaming consoles, our elevated omni-channel capabilities and continued benefits from our cost and efficiency initiatives, even with the potential further negative impacts on our operations due to the global COVID-19 pandemic,

George Sherman, CEO

At least they aren’t closing all their doors for good. Maybe this is a good thing. It can give them time to regroup and come back even stronger.


Please, please, please. I do not want GameStop to close all their doors permanently. There are so few places with such a wide selection of games, game related gear, gaming toys, and employees with such gaming nohow.


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