Here Are All Of The Starbucks Christmas Cups I Saw And It Was Hard Not To Buy Them All

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I love Starbucks Christmas Launch day! It was a great day with all sorts of festivities, new drinks, food, merchandise, and…delays. Whoops.


But if you haven’t ventured out yet to check out all of the cups, you are MISSING OUT. There are SO many amazing cups this year!

I ended up settling on two for now, but have already made plans to venture out again tomorrow for more. But these Great Gatsby looking cups are just magnificent!

Although the free red cups were delayed, this blue reusable cup is adorable! And they brought back the 6 pack of reusable color changing cups too!

Then there’s this SUPER unique cup that I had no clue about that I TOTALLY regret not getting today and probably will tomorrow. I LOVE the two toned coloring, texturing, everything!

They gave us a soup mug this year! YES! I’ve been wanting a new one for awhile and this two toned cup does NOT disappoint!

I seriously don’t know how I’m going to cover all of these cups in one post, but I sure am trying!

The ornaments were actually a little disappointing to me this year. I ALWAYS buy one a year at least but these just didn’t catch my eye.

There are WAY too many cups to cover but we hope you’ve gotten the idea of what to expect. And if at first you don’t succeed, try another store another day! Happy hunting!

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