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‘Star Wars’ Fruit Roll-Ups Are Here Complete With Baby Yoda Tongue Tattoos and I Need Them

Fruit Roll-Ups was such a fun snack to eat as a kid but who am I kidding, they’re still fun to chew on!

Have you guys seen the trend on TikTok where people are racing one another to see who can finish their Fruit Roll-Up first? The only catch is, you can’t use your hands!

Courtesy of Disney

But besides from that crazy challenge, Fruit Roll-Ups released a Stars Wars themed fruit snack that is a must have if you’re a true Baby Yoda fan.

Like many other Fruit Roll-Ups, you can tattoo your tongue expect with this brand, you can stick Baby Yoda’s face on your tongue!

Courtesy of Disney

The Star Wars Fruit Roll-Ups come in three different flavors including Strawberry Battle Burst, Cherry Orange Forge Fire, and Tropical Tracker Blast.

Talk about exotic flavors am I right? The Cherry Orange Forge Fire sounds like it has a kick to it, but I won’t know until I try it. Oh, and that reminds me, you can get these fruit snacks at Hy-Vee and Walmart.

Each box comes with 10 tattooed Fruit-Roll-Ups and now I have the urge to re-watch ‘Star Wars, The Mandalorian’, BRB!

You can find them at your local store now like Walmart, Sam’s Club and even Target.