Let’s Talk About Mockingjay

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Let me first start by saying that I am about to get all spoilery up in here.

This isn’t something I normally do because I hate to give away plots to books, but I want need to talk about this story.

Seriously, no holds barred–we’re talking right down to the very last page.

Please. If you haven’t read these, just stop whatever it is you’re doing, and go now to your nearest bookstore–pick them up, and I’ll see you again in three days.

Stop reading if you haven’t finished Mockingjay or any of the other books in The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.

You’ve been warned.

Whew, okay now that all those non-readers are gone… we can talk.

It was greatness. I’ll just say that first. I’ve never cried so hard in a book, not even in that series when you know who killed that other guy.

When they played Real or Not Real that one last time, I’ve probably read that scene at least 50 times, and I will read it at least 50 more.

I’m totally Team Peeta. Have been from the second they locked eyes at the reaping and never once wavered. Not when Gale fed her family while she was gone, not when he kissed her on the hunting trip, and definitely not when he was Mr. Revolution Man. Nope, never. I’ve never done that before in a story. I always change my mind in a love triangle, but for me Peeta was such a great character that I never found a reason not to love him.

So, what I really need to know is, did Peeta ever find that love her had for her? The one that was so strong he couldn’t bare to see her die? The one that made him team up with the careers and give up his own life to go back in the arena? All the story says is that in time he stopped cringing as much.

That isn’t enough for me! I need to know if he really remembered. I need to know if eventually the hijack was more of a memory, or even if, for brief moments, he felt that way about her again. And the thing is, I don’t need to know it for Kat, I need to know that for Peeta’s sake he was able to at least have that back.

Did he? Someone find a spot in the text for me that shows me he did… because I’ll go mad not knowing.

Even though I’m a Peeta girl, I still wanted Kat to make the choice between the two, and not the realization of her relief when she learned Gale was in District 2 with his good job. (Aside: WTF? What JOB?!? District 12 was Gale’s home–what job was worth him giving it up?) I need to know what Gale ended up doing for the rest of his life, and I need to know if he ever found true love, (I wanted him with Johanna) or if he spent his life pining away for Katniss and died alone.

Snow died of unknown causes? Like, they don’t know if he got trampled by the crowd or he just choked to death on his own blood? Oh, come on–Peeta should have killed that torturing bastard. And he should have done it with Katniss’ bow–I don’t know where he the arrow could have come from, but it would have made me happy to see him do it.

Instead, Kat is pulled away and we get told what happened later. I don’t care if they had to switch POV’s or what, but I really would have liked to seen the actual trial.

Speaking of getting told what happened after the fact… DUDE–Kat just wakes up after the bombing to discover Peeta and Gale are both okay? What happened to Peeta’s big distraction plan? What happened to Gale when he was pulled away? How did they capture Snow? Did any of the children survive the bombing?

And now, the bombing… I still feel like I need more information! Who set off that bomb? Was it the revolution, or was it the Capitol? At first I was sure it was the Revolution, but then–I started thinking about it, and why would all those kids be herded together? I know they said it was to protect Snow, but what if it was more than that? What if– what if the two sides were working together? Were they? Was that what this was supposed to signify?

I know there had to be a death, I knew that going in to this last book. There would have to be a great sacrifice on Kat’s part in order for us to see that the spoils of victory are never pretty. But, the death of the person the entire series was based on saving?

Come on. I get it, I really do… war is tragic, and many times you lose the very thing you’re fighting for… but this is fiction, and hasn’t Kat been through enough? Gale’s off in district 2, Peeta’s wavering between hijacked and sort of being able to stand her, she lost her father all those years ago, her home is ruins… and she has to lose the one thing that’s kept her going through all these hardships?

Now, let’s talk about Peeta. What happened to him in the capitol? I know he was hijacked, but when? Was he hijacked before or after he did the interviews with Caesar? Did he really want a ceasefire? I don’t think he did, but couldn’t he have sent some sort of message to Kat in his words, morse code… something. If it was so easy to extract him, why did they wait so long? Why didn’t Kat make THAT the bargaining chip in her agreement to be the Mockingjay? Wouldn’t it have made more sense that she wanted Peeta safe with her instead of “my sister gets to keep her cat that I can’t really stand all that much, anyway?”

Did they ever admit to anyone that there was no baby? I actually wanted to see her “lose it” as a ploy for the audience during the Quell Hunger Games. I wanted her to realize she could lead the revolt from inside the arena, and really come into her own as the face of the Revolution. I hated the idea that she never really grew into that role.

So Peeta and Kat end in a simple life with their babies and the rebuilding of her broken down district, and that’s sweet–but why is neither Peeta nor Kat finishing this story in some sort of leader position? I would have loved to see Peeta overcome his hijack and Kat use her fame to help him rise to power and be the leader Panem so desperately needed. But, even if that was too much for them, and they both wanted to return to their beloved home–he would have made a great leader for District 12… Kat by his side, and giving him the children he craves because she knows they’re finally safe with their father in charge.

All that being said, I’ve never cared more about characters or what happens to them in a book, and that in itself is beyond impressive. I still love it, and just the fact that I can’t stop thinking about the loose ends is significant enough for me to add The Hunger Games my favorite books of all time.

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  1. I think that mockingjay should have platypie in it. Don’t you think so?

  2. Hey Totally the Bomb.com so what’s up I freaking LOVE The Hunger Games and was very impressed with your review and words you said about Mockingly… Bye I <3 The Hunger Games

  3. Unexpected Direction, but Perfection
    This was a brilliant conclusion to the trilogy. I can only compare it to “Ender’s Game” – and that is extremely high praise, indeed.

    When I first closed the book last night, I felt shattered, empty, and drained.

  4. I just spent the last hour reading not only your post but all of the comments and just have to say “thank you”!! This is exactly the kind of discussion of the end of the trilogy that I have been looking for. Now I have to sit and digest all of your opinions compared to my own.

    I was/am Team Peeta and definitely thought that the revolution caused the bombing. those last few chapters just went by so fast with so many people dying and so much changing. ARGH!

    Feeling like I need to go re-read the whole thing again. LOL

    1. @Tricia Meyer, I STILL think about this trilogy all the time… so that’s DEFINITELY saying something, right?

      But yeah… the third book just broke my heart. I am SUCH a happy endings kind of girl, and I think–in the end– that’s what I was really searching for.

      But, if I had to read them all over again, would I? Oh hell yeah I would. 🙂

      I’d love to hear your opinions once you have time to think about it all. It’s definitely something you have to digest.

  5. I was totally torqued that so much of the ending was either skipped or freaking told in hindsight. After everything I experienced with these characters, I wanted to live those final moments with them. I was also upset that Katniss passed out before storming the castle when Prim got blown up. They were building up to a scene whereby she would try to kill Snow, almost fail, and Peeta would help her at the final moment.
    All said and done, none of that posturing made one bit of sense. Not a lick. The entire last book changed NOTHING. She ended up with Peeta, they lived in District 12, and had freaking kids. Woohoo! She could have made that the end of book one and be done with it.
    And WTF with District 13? She did the same sh1te with that one. At the end of the second book, you’re left wondering if 13 is a myth or real. But then in the beginning of book 3, they’re already in 13, living their lives. Boy that was one suck way to intro it.
    Ugh. So many things. It’s like she just wrote the final book to get the damn thing over with.

    1. @jason, YES! The first one was GREAT, I mean–top three books I’ve ever read. Book two? Not horrible, but semi-interesting.

      Book 3? Geez… WHy even write that?!?!

  6. Damn that was a good post! I was really bummed with the two paragraph resolution between her and Peeta. After all that sad and depressing stuff I really wanted to see them grow together again. Half a page of telling didn’t cut it. But I think what bothered me the most, besides all the fabulous points you made above, is that it almost seems like they went through all that hell for nothing. We don’t really see what lasting changes happened as a result. And what happened to Joanna? She just disappeared!

  7. I think “You love me. Real or not real?” was an indication that Peeta was remembering how they felt about each other before the hijacking. At least, that’s how I took it. And he was willing to come back to her and fight the urges to hate her–which, in my opinion, showed that his love for her was stronger than the hate that had basically been injected into his veins.

    Also, I think that Prim had to die. I mean, I didn’t really think about it before the book came out. But once she died, it seemed to make sense. The entire series came about because Katniss took her sister’s place so she wouldn’t have to see her die–and it seemed like it was an ironic way of things coming full circle that she would then see her sister die right at the end of a war she had inadvertently set in motion.

    Also, I don’t think it would’ve been so easy to extract Peeta if he hadn’t been completely hijacked. He gets more and more crazed as the televised interviews went on. I think that in his last interview–where he said “Dead by morning”–that was the last of the “real” Peeta coming through. Thus, they worked harder on hijacking him so that if Katniss and company survived their bombing (which they now would, because of his warning), he could do what they needed him to do and kill her.

    Then again, these are just the ways I made it make sense in my head. I could be wrong.

    1. @Dorothy, But see!! That’s just it… I want to KNOW what happened, not just guess about it haha!

      I am such a needer of the information!! 🙂

  8. Dude, Jamie, you nailed it. I get that the reader can fill in some of their own answers, but I was disappointed in not knowing if Peeta really got his memory back. I mean those last lines don’t even really convey that Katniss loves him!! I mean, not really. She says that she only tells him that when he asks. BOO! That’s not good enough. That’s not what Peeta deserves.

    I will say that I’ve always been Team Gale, but I did like how Katniss realized that she has all the fire she needs, and Gale would just add more to that. I was totally bummed we didn’t get to see him and what kind of job he was working and who he was kissing (um, hello? I’ll sign up for that position!).

    I totally wanted more info on the bombing, instead of just Katniss suffering into her fire-staring. I mean, I get it. She’s been through hell, and lost everything, but seriously? We don’t get to know who bombed her sister for certain? Double BOO!! (Cuz if it wasn’t Gale, then well, we still have a chance right Team Galers?!) I mean, seriously.

    Also, I wasn’t all that surprised by the ending. I think most people read (and write) expecting for a happy ending. I never do. I don’t read that way, and I don’t write that way. So to me, it ended just the way it was supposed to.

    I just wish I had a few things answered — and you nailed them all. 🙂

    1. @Elana Johnson, I agree. The actual ending wasn’t a bad one. The story concluded well, and I was happy with the prologue.

      Did I want a happier for Kat? Well, of course I did… but I love Disney Princess–so that’s a personal taste thing, and wouldn’t have been as believable to a reader.

      But it was the loose ends–she’s with Peeta, but we don’t know how Peeta himself fared after the hijack, the bomb went off and killed Prim, but we don’t know WHO did it, Gale went off to take a job, but did he ever find love, and WHAT WAS THE JOB?!?!?

      I just feel like there was a chapter missing before the end. Not even that, really–just a couple of reactions from Peeta so I could see how he was doing, and then maybe a description or two.

      What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on the first (and likely much longer) draft of this novel!!!

  9. I loved the ending because when all was said and done this series was about war, power, and how power corrupts.

    I had been on team Gale and yes, it may have been nice for Katniss to actually have made the choice between the two men, but ultimately Gale’s choice to stay in district two was more significant to the meaning of the book . . . he chose his “the end justifies the means” philosphy over any personal feelings he may have had for Katniss.

    This was significant because the author was constantly contrasting violience and tenderness. Gale ultimately chose his version of justice over his love for Katniss, while Peter chose mercy, which ultimately turned into love.

    Love and hate. What more could anyone want in a story?
    My only complaint was that the beginning was slow and that I didn’t truly get hooked in until about page 300.

    1. @Angela Felsted, See, she could have written an entire book about her and Peeta in a field picking flowers–and I still would have read it just because I was SO invested in the characters by this time that all I wanted to do was peek in their lives a little bit! 🙂

  10. Ugh!!!! I felt the same way!!! If it was so hard to wrap things up, maybe she should have written the ending in two books. I was so torn after reading it. I had to have an emergency meeting with my crit book just to get out my frustration!

    1. @Carolyn V, I would SO read another book in this series… even if it was just to fill in the years between the ending and the epilogue!

    1. @HeatherM, You must read ALL THREE OF THEM…

      But, block out some time, because once you start–you will pretty much not sleep until you’re finished.

  11. I think the moment is when Peeta stops Katniss from taking the Nightlock pill. That’s when he really knows her and how much he loves her and will not let her die.

    I’m sort of surprised people are saying Katniss didn’t actually choose. I don’t think she needed to choose. I don’t remember ever once seeing in the books that she had feelings for Gale that went beyond friendship. The only reason it came up is because he brought it up. Katniss loved Peeta. Her relief came in realizing that she wouldn’t have to break Gale’s heart, that somehow he understood that it never really was him and he decided not to force that choice on her.

    Also…what WritingLeigh said. 🙂

    1. @Liz, OKay, that’s a great point. For me, it never was an option, either. I assume that she probably could have fallen for Gale if Peeta hadn’t shown up and been, well PEETA…

      But, yeah-she didn’t have to choose because it was never a choice. Now, if she’d ended up with Gale, then we would have had to see the choice.

      Okay, that makes me feel much better… She didn’t choose Peeta because there was never any need to.

      I feel much better about that aspect of the story now.

      You’re also right that when he keeps her from dying, he has to realize that he would never kill her, because that would have been his chance.

      I just wanted to see MORE there–we’d been through an entire series with these two, and I still want to know if Peeta was ever able to experience his old love for her. I need that for Peeta!

      1. I don’t agree that there was never a choice. There is a very powerful scene right before she goes to battle when someone (can’t remember who) asks Prim who Katniss will choose and Prim says, “whoever she can’t live without.” So it’s possible (as a reader) to believe her
        choice was made but I don’t think you can say there was never a choice.

      2. @Holly Bodger, There were a couple of times when the characters tried to figure out who she’d choose, but I wonder if she hadn’t known all along, but was scared to admit it. Like, in Hunger Games, she’s so confused, but at the same time–she’s always willing to risk her life to save Peeta… I don’t know if she ever would do that for Gale.

      3. @Jamie, Yeah, in hindsight, I would have liked to see more Peeta in every circumstance. At the time, though, I was so emotionally drained I just wanted it to end! 🙂

      4. @Liz, OMG YES! I was SO drained. I wanted it to end… and at the same time wanted it to keep going more than anything I’ve ever read!

  12. I’m okay with not knowing most of that stuff, though I can understand why it would be frustrating.

    For me, Katniss’s decision and Gale’s good-bye is all wrapped up in the scene where she asks him if it was his bomb that killed Prim. That was a really sad part for me,with her thinking about what might have happened without the Hunger Games, wondering if she and Gale could have been together.

    I was glad she didn’t go with him though. One thing I thought Collins did really well was show how difficult it is to fight evil without becoming evil. I was torn between Peeta and Gale through most of the book, but in the end Gale was so angry and so ruthless that I was glad she didn’t end up with him.

    That concept: the difficulty of staying humane in the middle of a war, seemed to take over the whole last part of the book for me. Not in a bad way, either. I think that’s why I was okay with not knowing how Snow died, or who bombed the kids (totally pulling for the Rebels on that one, btw.) The only thing I really wanted to know by the end was whether or not Katniss could stand against all the anger around her, or if the Games would really win by turning her into someone she didn’t want to be.

    Such an intense ride. I’m still processing it.

    1. @Miriam Forster, I think you’re right about that being the goodbye… but my issue with finding out if Katniss could stand against the anger, etc. For me, I was sad that even though so many crazy things happened to her, she continued to lead her same life in the end. I wanted to see actual growth there from all the pain and heartache.

      In the end, we just get her going back… for me, at least, I wanted her to find the girl on fire everyone was always so sure she was.

      1. @Jamie, That makes sense. Interestingly enough, I never thought of her as the girl on fire. I thought of her more as a Frodo-ish character.

        Before I read Mockingjay, I came across a tweet that said that Katniss and Frodo should probably see the same therapist. And when I read the end of the book, it was Frodo I kept seeing in my head, that part of the movie at the end, where he says “We wanted to save the Shire, and it has been saved. But not for me.”

        I think a lot of Katniss’s character, for me, was defined in the struggle between who she knew she was, and who everyone wanted her to be. She never wanted to be in the Games, she never wanted to be a hero, she never wanted to be the Mockingjay, and the only reason she kept taking those roles was because she was forced to. Because if she didn’t everything she loved would be destroyed.

        I think that’s why I was okay with her just going back, because even a return to her normal life seemed like a huge victory after everything she’d been through.

        So nice to be able to discuss this!

  13. Okay, I didn’t love it like most other people, but I was hooked by it. I agree with a lot of what you said about things being left unclear, but my biggest problem was with the ending. For me, the entire hook of this book was in the “who will she choose?” plot line. But in the end, Katniss doens’t choose. She wakes up and Gale has moved on (WTH?) but Peeta is still there. He convinces her to have kids and there you go. They’re done. Even though I am Team Gale (but never believed she would pick him) I wanted her to have to make that choice. And I wanted to SEE it (just like you Jamie!)

    1. @Holly Bodger, The more I think about it, that’s my biggest isssue… I wanted to SEE it. I wanted to see Gale get recruited to District 2, and then watch them either say good bye, or see that it was too painful for either of them. I wanted to SEE the love blossom between her and Peeta in the end, even if it was a new broken kind of love that never would in any way compare to the one he’d been feeling for her since the first time he heard her sing. (ohmigosh I am such a baby that I just teared up at the thought they might have a broken love instead of a real one!–that right there would have made more of an impact on me as a reader!)

      I could EVEN get on board with them going back to their old lives and existing within the new confines of peace and children because Katniss was never the kind of person who would want to be politically involved in the first place… but we weren’t given enough information there to know if that’s what happened or not.

      It’s not that I hated the ending, or the story at all, really… it’s that the telling of everything at the end made it all feel so rushed, and for the rest of it to be so meticulously written… that was the biggest heartbreak of all for me.

  14. I have to say that Prim had to die in Mockingjay. I knew she wouldn’t make it out alive. It was either her or Gale, because their deaths would have hurt Katniss the most (note: their voices were used in the second arena because they were the people she loved most). As soon as the children were bombed and the rebels started going to help I knew Prim would be in there with them and that she’d be killed. It was sad, but unavoidable I think.

    That being said – I agree with just about everything else! I want to know what happened to Gale! I want to know what happened to Peeta when he was supposed to be a distraction! I want to know who set off the bomb (although I can see why she left it open, because Katniss could never forgive Gale if she didn’t know either way). So many unanswered questions.
    But I loved the ending. I thought it was perfect. I think Peeta really did find his love for Katniss again (I don’t have a concrete example, and my book’s with someone else right now, but I just got the feeling that in the end it was Peeta trying to keep a broken Katniss together). I loved that in the end they were both broken and just trying to live life to the best of their “we’ve been tortured in ways you can’t even imagine” abilities. It was very sweet, and very right.
    Even if I was Team Gale.

    1. @Becka, I agree… there had to be a death, and I am even okay with it being Prim–I just wanted to see the immediate effects it had on her, not just a blackout with a wake up days later.

      I knew it would be either Prim or Gale as well… and I braced myself for it the entire novel, and maybe I’m just sad we lost Prim. But that’s okay, I am supposed to mourn Kat’s loss–and when she laid down with the cat, well–I think that was pretty good, but it was well after the fact, and I wanted something before then…

  15. GAH! I left a long comment and it was EATEN!

    My POINT (other than my “go read my ridiculously long comment on Whim Fic, which is long and has much more to say”) is that the entire series was Kat’s story. It was freakin’ 1st Person Present TENSE! So her lack of involvement, her depression, her healing process, all of that made perfect sense to me when I looked at WHO she really was. She wasn’t a revolutionary. She wasn’t even an overly sentimental person – she couldn’t afford to be!

    I was completely and totally Team Peeta and I was fine with the lack of big declarations because I assumed they were both damaged. Damaged people weren’t going to fall together in some big gooey embrace. It would’ve been slower, more cautious. That’s just the way I pictured it. I looked at them like you would holocaust survivors. Look at that entire generation. I think it explains a lot.

    I loved it, truly, and even more so because it DIDN’T give us what we wanted – Katniss the Revolutionary. Instead it gave us a story that felt REAL. That meant more to me.

    1. @WritingLeigh, I was okay with that.. Katniss only being involved for the sake of saving Peeta, etc. and, I would have been okay with them healing together instead of insta-love.

      My problem is that we never get to see it. We only see her years later standing in the meadow with their babies… we don’t even see an interaction between her and Peeta for us to know who they are now. I would even understand if Peeta had never felt love like that for her again if only I’d known it.

      As it stands… I don’t know what happened there, and that’s my issue. I want to know if he ever recovered enough to love her the way he did, or if he learned a different way of loving her.

      1. @Jamie, I understand that. I felt like his love was resurfacing, if maybe slightly different, during the “Real or Not Real” moment you quoted above. When he came back and planted those rose bushes, that to me said that he still loved her and was healing in his own way. He didn’t have to come back, but he chose to.

        As for Kat, she didn’t finally drag her ass off the rocker for Prim’s memory. She did it for Peeta. That was her moment. (To me.)

        So I guess that’s why I was okay with the lack of information in that sense.

      2. @WritingLeigh, Okay, I can see that. She moved on for Peeta. I actually don’t doubt her love for him… Maybe if I’d heard him talk in the epilogue, seen which Peeta he was, I would have felt more closure. I could understand him being either way–new love or old love- but what I needed was to KNOW… obviously there’s an answer, or we wouldn’t have the epilogue… but I still don’t feel like I have it.

  16. I have many of the same questions you have, but it doesn’t make me like or not like the books any more. I haven’t felt for a series this much since Harry Potter, and the 7th HP book left me feeling the same way Mockingjay did. When I saw Mockingjay ended with an epilogue very much HP-esque, I have to say, I groaned a little. I’d rather have had a quarter of the things you listed then that happily ever after/we had babies ending that we got. I know how hard it is to write a book, I can’t imagine writing one that is so beloved. No matter how she ended it, groups of people would have been unhappy. In the end, she ended it how she saw fit, and I’m okay with that. I just wish, like you, I could have answers to some of my questions.

    1. @Tami, Agreed. I loved it… I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to end that series knowing you had an entire fanbase hanging on your every word.

      Maybe it’s just that I loved it so much that I needed more? Like, I was so invested in those characters that I needed each of them to end the story in a way that satisied me.

      That’s probably an unrealistic need, huh?

      Although, I think I would have been okay with the book ending in any way had I actually seen the ending happen, instead of learning about it second hand…

      1. @Jamie,
        Your last sentence there sums it up for me. :o)

      2. @Karenof4,
        Dang it. Suppose to be a 🙂

      3. @Karenof4, haha yes!

        Like we would get to the good stuff I’d been reading for, and then Kat would black out wake up, and someone told her about it… I was like ARGH!!!! No, I need Kat to witness these things!

  17. Okay, PLEASE PLEASE read my comment on our MJ post. I’d LOVE to discuss, but it’s so epically long I don’t want to cut/paste it here.

    I’ll summarize that basically I think Kat’s involvement in the revolution during MJ is exactly right FOR HER CHARACTER. She’s NOT a revolutionary. I admit that I wanted her to be, as well, but if you listen to her voice through the series you realize that it’s not who she is. It was role thrust upon her by circumstance, but she’s just a girl who wants to live her life. I’m glad she got to do that.

    As for Snow/Coin… I don’t think they were working together. I do think Snow underestimated how much like him Coin really was.

    AND, TEAM PEETA. That is all. Until you’ve read my comment. And then we can discuss ad nauseum. B/c SRSLY, I feel your burning desire to talk about it.

  18. THANK YOU!! YES! I’ve been waiting to discuss this was someone. Reading your thoughts have brought comfort in knowing that I’m not alone in my feelings.

    I finished the book Saturday night and I was just left torn. Such a great read but I was so disappointed! You nailed it in your post-the same questions I have. Mockingjay was a good book, but it could have been perfect if those questions had been adressed!!

    My biggest let down was the end. I wanted to feel Katness & Peeta’s reunion, not just be told it happened. Seriously.

    1. @Karenof4,
      EXACTLY. Like, it’s nice to know that they grew old and had babies… but I don’t care about that as much as I care about them falling into each others arms, vowing that they loved each other all along no matter what the odds were–her telling him how much she realized it when she thought she’d lost him, and then again when she saw he’d been brainwashed into NOT loving her.

      I wanted him to fight against it, look into her eyes and KNOW it. I wanted them to kiss and break the spell–anything… just something so I know Peeta got to feel that love again! His love was the driving force behind the entire story. I have to know if it’s still alive!

      1. @Jamie,
        BINGO! Everything else could be left unanswered, and I’d be okay.

        But NOT seeing/feeling the moment where Katness opens her heart to him, to see this sweet boy have his moment where he knows it was all worth it, to see his feelings reciprocated…yea, the more I think about what we didn’t see, the more gypped I feel.

      2. @Karenof4, YES! Like, even if he was never able to love her the same way again, I want to know how that made Katniss feel. Is she okay with it because at least he’s still alive, or does it still hurt her to know he’ll never be the same guy?

        Is she happy with him, or does she pine for Gale? Does she think she made the right choice? AND–what’s their life now? Do they hunt and bake bread… or are they still called upon by the leaders to speak, etc.?

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