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And School….

Today’s the day…

The day my daughter starts going to school five days a week.

Did I cry? Oh, you bet I did. I want her to be toddling around my house falling on her diapered butt again–only, you know, without all the diapers. But, I won’t bore you with yet another story of a mommy freaking out over her kid growing up.

No more little school, no more sleeping in to get caught up in between the days…

My family is officially on a schedule. This is nuts for me. My husband works from home, and my daughter and I–well we’ve been marching to our own drum for the past five years. Waking up when we want to, going to bed pretty late… just in general having all sorts of fun.

That isn’t to say having a set schedule doesn’t have its merits. Trust me, I know how important routines and such are… we just haven’t had a need for them. She’s a lot like me, and all about the spontaneity. (I like that word a lot more than chaos. It makes me sound so much cooler, don’t you think?)

But now, well–for the mornings at least, we have somewhere to be every single weekday.

It’s funny, I didn’t realize until this morning just how different all my clocks were. It’s not that any of them were wrong, per se, they’re just all set a couple of minutes apart.

I guess I’ll have to fix that… now, if I can just remember how to set them. 🙂

Happy School Beautiful Girl!!

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