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Amanda Bynes Is Apparently Now A Rapper And I’m Not Sure How To Feel

It’s been a bit since I have heard anything about Amanda Bynes. She is one of those girls that I think about often, much like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.

Like Britney, Amanda Bynes has also been under conservatorship. In fact, she has been for the past 7 years.

She has been struggling with mental health issues since around 2010. I hate to even think about what this poor girl has been through.

She was one of our favorites! In fact, ‘She’s the Man’ is watched often in our home, she was such a funny girl.

She doesn’t look like the same girl to me anymore. I know she has grown up, but she appears so very different.

In 2019 she graduated from FIDM, which is a prominent fashion school. I thought maybe that was the direction she was headed.

Well, that was until I saw that she was rapping. Who knows, maybe she’ll do both? There was also talk of a perfume line.

I just hope she’s ok. In the video below you can see her rapping to someone else’s rap song.

The rap song she recorded is called ‘Diamonds’ and features a rapper named Precise, who is her fiancé, Paul Michael.