Dolly Parton is Releasing A New Sugar Cookie Baking Kit Just in Time For The Holidays

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We all know that when it comes to baking cookies for Christmas, we need all the hands we can get.

This year, Dolly Parton wants to lend you a hand to help mix, roll, sprinkle, and decorate the several rounds of cookies you’ll be baking for the holidays.

Dolly Parton and Duncan Hines have teamed up again, to release another baking kit that will lend you that helping hand in the kitchen.

What’s dubbed Dolly Parton’s Sugar Cookie Kit, this holiday box includes all of the necessary tools you’ll need to make your Christmas cookies superior.

Courtesy of Duncan Hines

Featuring cookie mix, festive frosting for decorating, and holiday sprinkles to add pizzaz, this cookie kit has everything you need to make sugar cookies that might even better than grandma’s recipe.

No hard feelings grandma.

Courtesy of Duncan Hines

The bright red box also stuffs a keepsake cookie booklet and a holiday message from Dolly to give you the confidence you need to conquer this year’s baking festivities!

Oh, and did I mention there’s also a recipe for Dolly’s favorite cinnamon roll cookies included too?

Courtesy of Duncan Hines

You can also count on each baking box to make 12 sugar cookies which is the perfect amount to serve as an after-dinner indulgence for the family.

Dolly Parton’s Sugar Cookie Kit will release at major grocery stores that carry brand over the next few months.

Let the holiday baking begin!

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